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Common Errors

1. Dont see any pokemon? That means there are no Pokemon within 200 meters of you. Try moving from your current position or reloading the page.

2. Keep getting a server error? That means we are currently undergoing too much traffic and are updating our services. Please come back and check in 15 minutes, or feel free to contact us.


Q: I don't see any pokemon on the map, but I see some pokemon in the Pokemon Go app. What's wrong? A: Pokemon don't recieve a generated location till they are within 200 meters of you. Most likely, if there are multiple pokemon in the app, you will see most of them on this map.

Q: How often do I have to refresh the page? A: The page will automatically refresh every 30 seconds, however, you can also manually refresh if you have moved.

Q: How long are the pokemon on the map for? A: To find out how long a pokemon will stay spawned, click on it.

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